Important Forms

This library is full of video links to help support learning our programs through tutorials and also gaining more knowledge about file management and proper computer procedures. It is also password protected, making it AMAT exclusive! :)

All assignments, announcements, and projects are
posted & frequently updated in Google Classroom.


BE CREATIVE |  Embrace your crazy ideas and creativity!



SHOW RESPECT |  This includes respecting time, using respectful language, and being considerate of your classmates and teachers.


BE RESPONSIBLE | Speak for yourself, and take responsibility for your actions and your behavior. Being responsible helps you protect and build your future.


STAY MOTIVATED |  We expect a lot of you, and want you to do your best. Keep a positive attitude, prioritize your projects, and keep moving forward.


BE PREPARED |  When our class starts, everything else should be put away and out of your mind. If you're working on a project, come in & pick up where you've left off.

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